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An oil is no longer the best way to take CBD. Why not offer your patients the product that made oils obsolete?

  • AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD comes in an easy-to-take softgel that provides reliable, consistent dosing.

  • Your patients will experience superior absorption from patented technology that gets more CBD into the bloodstream than has ever been possible before.

  • CBD is a drug that should only be available in a pharmacy like yours, NOT in convenience stores and gas stations.

  • High profit margin item sold only to independent retail pharmacies.

Are you interested in learning more about the product that pharmacists across the country are embracing?

Click and gain access to this pharmacist-only Google Drive containing educational resources and videos, as well as marketing materials to help you get started selling AquaSol Rx.

AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD is unlike anything else your patients have experienced.

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