Patient Consultation Guide

How to Talk to your Patients About AquaSol Rx

AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD offers you a unique opportunity to counsel your patients on a  product that may have more confusion surrounding it than any other product on the market. 

Most consumers don’t even know where to begin to start the conversation with their pharmacist of whether or not they should be taking CBD, let alone if they’re taking the right dosage form, the right strength or whether they are taking it correctly.   But once you understand the advantages of this revolutionary CBD, you can start that conversation.  

AquaSol RX Liquid Structure™ CBD comes in several dosage forms, 20mg Gummies, 25mg Softgels & a 600mg Topical Cream.

The conventional wisdom says that you should “start low and go slow” when first taking CBD. We strongly disagree with that strategy, no matter how the patient arrives at the right dose, the consistent delivery of the right CBD dose is now possible thanks to the Liquid Structure™ Technology only found in AquaSol Rx.

To find out why we disagree with conventional wisdom, call to speak with one of our expert CBD Pharmacists at 1-866-478-1772.

AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD possesses superior bioavailability over most types of CBD available.  This allows the patient to experience CBD’s desired benefits while consuming less CBD.  Consuming less CBD obviously decreases cost as well as possible side effects.   Why would anyone ever place a messy, funny-tasting oil under their tongue again if they could take a softgel that delivers a consistent dose every time? 


We believe CBD is a chemical compound that belongs in a pharmacy, not in gas stations, vape shops or beauty salons.  We welcome discussions to answer your questions and to assist you in making the world’s most innovative CBD product available to your patients. 

Please don’t hesitate to call Tim Gregorius, RPh or Roger Covin  today at 1-866-478-1772.