Patented Liquid Structure™ CBD
This revolutionary product is only sold by independent
pharmacies and licensed healthcare providers.
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Liquid Structure™ Technology
AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD gives a whole new meaning to the word "nano".
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Powerful Topical Cream
Popular with new CBD users!
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Clinically Tested
The same patented Liquid Structure™ Technology used in
formulations currently under going FDA clinical trials.
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Superior Absorption
Liquid Structure CBD has 10 times greater
absorption than a typical oil.
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Easy to Take Softgel
Effective and predictable dosing.
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The future of CBD is here.

Enhanced bioavailability

Our patented Liquid Structure™ Technology oral softgels deliver 10-20 times greater impact using substantially less CBD!

rapid entry into body

The signature feature of Liquid Structure™ technology is rapid and efficient delivery into the bloodstream.

100% Water soluble

Our Patented Liquid Structure™ Technology holds CBD onto the surface of ultra-small, water-soluble liquid structures.

extended shelf life

The greater stability of AquaSol Rx Liquid Structure™ CBD not only improves bioavailability, but also allows for a three-year shelf life.

Lower cost per effective dose

With  Liquid Structure™ Technology, less really is more.

See how our patented technology works.